Urban Focus

10 Sep

If you don’t know about the Urbanophile, Aaron Renn, it is about time that you learned. And, of course, today would be the perfect day to visit his blog as his weekly roundup, Urbanoscope, mentions next week’s collaborative Reagan Park build between AFH Indy and the People for Urban Progress.

Renn writes: “Remember a post I did about the great grass roots Indy organization People for Urban Progress? Their first production shade made from recycled RCA Dome roof fabric is about to be installed.”

If you love cities, bookmarking the Urbanophile blog is a must. About Renn, Tamara Zahn, the President of Indianapolis Downtown, said, “I am a HUGE fan of Aaron Renn, his Urbanophile blog and his thoughtful opinions regarding urban policies. His research, insight and mastery of a wide range of relevant topics amaze and impress me. His awareness and understanding of the world’s best and most innovative practices as well as his critique of those that miss the mark provide an invaluable service to those of us who spend a great deal of our time in the trenches.”

UPDATE: Also a shout-out to Kevin Kastner over at UrbanIndy.com for highlighting AFH Indy’s efforts! Look to see you there, Kevin.


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