Click here for a volunteer form (and email it to Stewart Whitcomb at stwhitcomb@gmail.com by September 9th)

Creating a community park for a day on an open city street is, as one might expect, no easy task. The planning began in the early summer and securing the appropriate permits, the logistics and the marketing of the event requires coordination and expertise. And once PARK(ing) Day arrives, we will need to resort to our physical power, laying sod and paving stones, benches and plants.

We will then enjoy a rare day of greenery amidst the tall buildings, before carefully reloading the materials for transportation to yet another location, where the park will find its permanent home.

So this is a call out for help! If you would like to donate your time, your energies, your brain power and/or your muscle and might, we are interested in your support. Please email us at social-volunteering@afh-indy.org with a description of your interests and abilities. Please put “PARK(ing) Day Volunteer” in the subject line.

We hope to see you there!

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